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People in Massachusetts are often surprised at the many kinds of wildlife living in residential areas, including urban areas. Some types of wildlife thrive in these kinds of places, mostly due to greater food and shelter availability compared to rural environments.

Wildlife crossing roads, nesting, hunting and feeding in and around homes and businesses, making noise, and leaving their droppings (scat) are common occurrences.

Please visit the Massachusetts WildLife Page, or choose a doument below:

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  • ""Living With Wildlife"" Series - Information on wildlife that is commonly found or seen near people. Tips on how to avoid conflicts and enjoying wildlife responsibly are included.
  • Problem Animal Control (PAC) Information on wildlife with which you may have a conflict. Tips on preventing future problems and a listing of license Problem Animal Control agents who you can hire in case you don't want to ""do-it-yourself.""
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation - Only licensed rehabilitators may care for sick or injured wildlife. This is a list of rehabilitators who can be contacted should you encounter sick or injured wildlife.
  • Young Wildlife Belongs in the Wild - Found a baby bird, bunny or fawn? Refrain from the understandable impulse of trying to ""rescue"" them except in certain cases. In most cases these animals are NOT abandoned. This page will explain what is best for young wildlife and how you best can give them a chance at survival.
  • Moving Wild Animals is Against the Law - ""Can I live-trap and move wildlife somewhere else?"" This is illegal, impractical and in many cases unhealthy for the animal in question. Learn more about this situation in which you or neighbors may find yourselves.


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