Revere Police Department - 400 Revere Beach Pkwy - Revere, MA 02151 - (781) 284-1212
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Revere Police Department                                                                           
Criminal Investigation Division   (CID)                                                                  
400 Revere Beach Pkwy
Revere, Ma 02151                                                                                       
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Revere Police Criminal Investigation Division (C.I.D.)

The Detective Bureau, led by Lieutenant John Goodwin, investigates major crimes in the City of Revere including but not limited to: homicides, accidental deaths, robberies, sexual offenses, burglaries, larcenies and identity thefts. Victims and witnesses should always contact 911 in the event of an emergency. Victims of past crimes should file an initial report with the Uniform Patrol Division. The case will then be referred to CID if necessary.

Contacting Us:

General Detective Inquiries, please email

Lt. John Goodwin  (781) 286 - 8339

Sgt. Steven Pisano  (781) 286 - 8341 Email

Sgt. Lynn Romboli   (781) 656 - 1115 Email

Sgt. Stacy Bruzzese

Ptl Kenneth Bruker

Ptl Jon Gibson

Ptl Robert Impemba

Ptl David Caramanica

Not Sure?  General Mailbox (781) 286 - 8340

If you have any information about a crime and would like to email a tip click here

Check out Revere's Most Wanted and see if you can identify somebody!

Frequently Asked Questions:

My house was broken into and an initial report has been filed. Now what do I do?

The first thing you need to do is obtain a copy of the report. The report will have all pertinant information, including the detective assigned to the case. The detective assigined to your case will contact you. If you would like to contact them, please email or call your detective from the list above.

I've now realized that more property was stolen than I originally reported. What do I do?

Victims should complete a Stolen Property Inventory Sheet and list any additional items stolen. You must have the incident case #, which is located on the top left corner of the report. This form should then be submitted to the records department.

My car was broken into and a report was filed, will a detective be contacting me?

Currently the Dective Bureau does not respond to car breaks. The Detecives ARE notified of the crime, and the intelligence is used to track trends and ""hot spots"" in the City. Once we have identified a ""hot spot"" i.e. area where a rash of thefts have occured, we then take proavtive measures to identify and apprehend the suspect(s).

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