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A Firearms Identifiaction (F.I.D.) Card is issued by the State of Massachusetts and permits it's bearer to:

  • Legally purchase and carry mace and/or pepper spray on your person
  • Legally purcahce and store weapons in your home (if combined with a Permit to Purchse said firearm)*

An FID card application must be completed and returned to your home town police department.  If you are a resident of Revere, you can print a copy of the FID applctation and return it to Sgt. Mangino Thursdays 9am - 3pm (closed 12:30-1:30pm). 

 For more specific information on FIDs refer to our Instructions and MGL page

* A F.I.D. card does not permit the bearer to carry a weapon on his or her person.  If this is purpose, please see our License to Carry (LTC) Page.


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