Revere Police Department - 400 Revere Beach Pkwy - Revere, MA 02151 - (781) 284-1212
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Billy Bell 11/18/11 4:44 am

This is a very belated thak you to Revere Police Officer Cory McCormack. He helped my other half Lorraine after she collided with a rolling truck tire on Lee Burbank Highway some time ago. Officer MC CORMACK was a professional in every way. Thank You so much. Billy Bell

Leonard L Hayes 10/3/11 10:51 am

Last night, around 7:30PM, I lost my way by incorrectly turning off I-93 at exit 27. I wandered all around the area before finding the Revere Police Dept Headquarters.

I asked the officer at the window for directions to get me back on I-93 and he was most kind providing me with the needed information. He stepped out of the building to point me in the right direction - route 16 to route 28 to I-93.

Many thanks! I was never so glad to see a police station in my life. Thaks, so much, to the officer on duty.

Nicole Ries 7/18/11 9:42 am

Thanks to the officer who was dispached when my motorcycle slipped on those pesky tracks wednesday evening. I didn't catch his name in all the confusion, but I appreciated his help, along with the fire department and the kind EMT's from Lynn who took me to the hospital. By the way, aside from some cosmetic damage, I escaped any real harm.

Target 5/22/11 6:31 am

Thank you to all of the Officers at the Revere PD for their support and assistance both here at our store and in the community! It can be easy to take for granted what the men and women of this Police Department do day in and day out to keep us all safe and make this a city that we can all live and work in and know they are here to help when needed. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

Citizen 10/13/10 1:17 pm

Thank you for your service to this community everyday. Your job is not easy and there are many of us who appreciate what you do every day. 1/17/10 6:18 pm

Stay safe!

Chuck Molinari 1/1/10 8:53 am

Lt. Joe Rizzuti's letter (in regard to the death of Roger Dipesa) perfectly expressed what most Revere-ites felt for Roger. His words resonated deep within my own heart with a beauty not often expressed through the police's work. It's good to know that Roger wasn't treated as just some nuisance by the RPD which, before having read the letter, is what I would have believed had I given it any serious thought. My own experiences with Roger never went past giving him a couple dollars whenever I happened past him on my way home from work or school, always thinking that I was doing my watching daughter more of a service than him. Having lived in Revere only a short time, I figured that since he was able to smoke Winston Brand cigarettes that he had to have some family or disability money supporting his life on the streets. Finding out that the community probably gave him most of his financial support makes me glad to have become a Revere resident myself.

Tony V 10/7/09 8:36 pm

Sgt John Nelson thank you for finding my cat larry.

No Tow Tony 1/10/09 4:55 pm

Thanks to the officer who went out of his way to find me so that my car would not be towed.

Marie 3/17/08 8:39 am

I would also like to thank the officer that helped me in front of Stop and Shop the other day when I locked my keys in the car. He was very nice.

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