Revere Police Department - 400 Revere Beach Pkwy - Revere, MA 02151 - (781) 284-1212
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The Revere Home Owner / Resident form (coming soon) is an important document for many reasons. The information you provide to us will remain private and will not be released to the public for any reason. It is important to be able to contact you for several reasons:

  • There is a burglary at your residence while you are at work, and you need to be notified
  • While you are on vacation, there is a problem at your residence (water break, burglary, glass break), and we need to notify a friend or family member
  • While visiting a friend or business in Revere, you car needs to be moved for any reason (emergency gas leak, street sweeping, etc). The Revere Police makes every attempt to contact you before having to tow it
  • There is a medical emergency at your home and we need to contact a member of your family or friend to make the aware

These are only some examples of why every resident of Revere should have this important information filed with the Police Department. Once the document is available (it will look similar to below), you will need to print it and mail it to us or deliver it in hand to the front desk.

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