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Behavioral Health Unit

The Revere Police Department (RPD) has created a Behavioral Health Unit (BHU). The BHU has enabled RPD to integrate behavioral health specialists and case workers into its activities, providing support to individuals suffering from a range of health conditions, such as substance use disorders or mental health illnesses. The BHU’s goals are to decrease calls of service for behavioral health needs, prevent unnecessary incarceration or hospitalization, and provide enhanced community support, follow up and care coordination for residents with mental health issues. The BHU is focused especially on supporting people who frequently require engagement by police, fire, EMS and residents who may harm themselves or others due to unmet behavioral health needs BHU staff work across City government including with other police officers, staff from the Substance Use Disorder and Homelessness Initiatives (SUDHI) office, the Health Department, and area social service providers , such as North Suffolk Community Services, to coordinate care and develop collaborative solutions that will reduce repeat emergency calls. The BHU has also implemented a new case documentation process to allow RPD to track calls of services where behavioral health issues were observed. This is enabling the Unit to better track resident needs and ultimately to evaluate the BHU’s successes and benefits.*

The BHU also works in collaboration with the Substance Use Disorder and Homelessness Initiatives (SUDHI) Office located at 437 Revere St. They can be contacted at 781-629-4158 . For more information on SUDHI please visit  Substance Use Disorder and Homelessness Initiatives (SUDHI) Office – City of Revere, Massachusetts. 



Captain Amy O’Hara 781-656-1136 [email protected]

Officer Terrence Reardon   [email protected]

Public Safety Case Manager Joshua Miller 781-284-1212 x 60434   [email protected]

Program Coordinator  Chantel Ragucci  781-214-1212 x 60436   [email protected]


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