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Sex Offender Registry Information

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Contact: Lt Lynn Romboli   (781) 656-1115

The City of Revere currently has Level 3 Sex Offenders. The information, including photos, of these individuals can be viewed in the lobby of the Revere Police station.

For more information, the State’s Sex Offender Registry Board has everything you need. Know who’s in your neighborhood!


Sex Offender Registry

The Sex Offender Registry Board is the state agency responsible for keeping a database of convicted sex offenders and classifying each offender so that the public may receive information about dangerous sex offenders who live or work in each community. The goal of the Sex Offender Registry is to educate the public and to prevent further victimization.

Restriction of Liability

This website is provided for informational purposes concerning the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry. References to state statutes do not represent a comprehensive statement of the law, nor should they be relied upon as an official interpretation of the law. Information contained on this website regarding state statutes are not a substitute for a thorough reading of the law, and any legal questions should be directed to an attorney.